Introducing Shanann

Hi all! My name is Shanann Hoyos and I am a born and raised Fairbanksian. This is my last semester here as an ME undergrad. I am planning on 2015 being full of travel adventures and grad school in warmer climates. I am sad at the thought of leaving; I have loved growing up in Alaska and I can be such a homebody. If I could, I would easily veg out all winter with a book, hot cocoa, and a crochet project. My excitement to get out there and see things outweighs my already blossoming nostalgia, though. I enjoy nearly everything outdoors, from hiking to kayaking, and I am always looking forward to seeing new places.

I am currently finishing off my Biology minor and a couple core requirements (this class included), with absolutely no Engineering courses, which is going to make this semester very different than what I’m used to. I am looking forward to having all of my classes in Murie, with its floor-to-ceiling windows. If you have never spent a full day inside Duckering without reprieve, trust me, you are not missing out.

As I may have hinted at earlier, I am a complete bookworm. I love, love, love to read whenever I get the chance. My summer read was 1984 and I am just digging into the Princess Bride. I am looking forward to this class because now I’ll get to read no matter how hectic my schedule gets.

Looking forward to spending the semester with you all!


This is Victorious Shanann. I am writing this on the way back from Tri the Kenai, which was amazing! Great weather, beautiful views, and wonderful people.