Hello all.  My name is Sarah Post, I’m 31, and I’ve been going to college since I was 17.  That might make you think that there’s something about shooting for my bachelor’s degree at a snail’s pace that I enjoy.  That doesn’t feel true but maybe subconsciously there is, I don’t know.  I’m a psychology major, and I do find that examining people’s behavior and thinking is what is most interesting in the world.

I usually take two classes a semester as I work full time in a pretty taxing field, and so I’m taking this course as it is my very last core requirement besides a little science and math.  I have a hard time with required reading (see above reference to the decade and a half I’ve been trying to get this done), but continue to push myself to just do it already and stop whining.

One thing in life that makes me overwhelmingly happy is consuming film and television.  If I had more discipline in terms of writing then I would perhaps pursue my deeply guarded pipe dream of being a film/tv critic.  The hope of examining ancient archetypes and recurring social/cultural themes is something about this course that I am looking forward to.

I am a transplant to Alaska via early twenties road trip and have been a true resident for about seven and a half years.  I live close to the university but prefer taking class online to avoid the commitment of having to be somewhere at a particular time when I’m not getting paid for it.  I live in sin with my boyfriend of about eight years and our two precious babies who are actually dogs.  I enjoy cooking, crafting, and watching tv a lot more than work and school and am currently in pursuit of the pot of gold that will allow me to live my dream of never-ending lazy days.

Happy fall and have a great semester everybody!