Gavins Introduction

Hey everyone! My names Gavin Borgeson, I’m 24 and born and raised in Fairbanks, or  the banks as I like to call it. I’m a junior at UAF currently pursuing a degree in computer science. I started my degree in 2008 and  I work full time at a local IT shop so it’s been tough to try and get my degree done in a timely manner. But I like what I do, and I’m all right if it takes a bit longer to get the degree.

School and computers aside I have an enormous passion for music. I learned how to play the piano when I was young and more recently the guitar. I personally think everyone should learn to play an instrument! There’s nothing more fun for me than getting together with friends to jam some music or discuss the latest albums. You could even catch me at an open mic or two around town.

I’ve only been taking a couple classes a semester it’s been a little while since my last English class but I need it to finish up my core. That being said I’m thoroughly looking forward to the material we are going to cover in this class looks like a lot of great reading. I’m excited to be discussing these texts and gaining a better insight on these cultures and time periods as I find them so interesting already. Here’s to a good semester!






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  1. swhoke

    I know all about a degree taking longer than planned or hoped for, the trick is to stay focused and keep going. I also have a musical bone as well, and am constantly learning new instruments so far I have under my belt; trumpet, guitar(a work in progress), piano(though not as well as I would like), bass guitar, and a jug.
    IT work has been a fall back of mine for years, though I am more of a hardware/networking geek, I try to avoid software issues, I haven’t the patients for that stuff.
    Good luck to you in your adventures.

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