This is me.

Hello, my name is Rachel Emrick. I am 19 years old. I moved to Alaska when I was 10. This is my second year of college. The first was spent at a college in Oregon, but circumstances have required me to stay in Alaska for this semester. I want to continue progressing through college, so I decided to take online courses. I am working towards a degree in Psychology, which will be used to make my career based around children.

Concerning this course, I am excited to experience a wide range of works, most of which I have not come across thus far in my education. I hope to gain a better understanding of the world as a whole and of the ideas that have shaped our thinking throughout history  (that is the Psychology major talking).

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  1. sxkristoffersen

    Good to meet you, I am minoring in psychology and think it is great that you are also interested in that subject. I too hope to gain a wider view of cultural views from this course and look forward to further post transactions.


  2. emrickrachel Post author

    I am hoping to start a children’s home in either India or South America. It is becoming more and more evident to me that too many children don’t have the stability and love they need to grow up healthily. I would really love to do my part in order to become that for some of them.

    1. sehoyos

      That is really awesome, Rachel. That is actually something that has always been in the back of my head to do. Growing up I was able to visit Colombia and saw so many children my age on street corners trying anything they could to get food or money. I know this is worldwide and setting up a home or school to help even a small number would be so beneficial.

  3. swhoke

    Awesome plans!
    As for the class and excitement obtained from the works we will be looking at, I am super excited about Gilgamesh’s tale. I have just recently stumbled upon pieces of his legend in my personal life, and did some reading about the history, needless to say my interest was sparked and now it comes up in a class I am to take, it is fortuitous.

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