138Hello everyone!

I’m Megan Beaston. I’m a 21 year old who was born and raised in a small, middle of nowhere, town in Pennsylvania. (the GPS usually says that my address does not exist!) I have been living in Fairbanks since this past January, thanks to my husband who got stationed here for the Army. I love it here! I may be 4,000+ miles away from home, but the area reminds me so much of where I’m from. Everyone told us to be prepared for the extreme cold, but I would take this type of coldness compared to the east coast any day. It’s such a different type of cold.

This is my third semester here at UAF, if you include the summer semester. Prior to moving here, I attended Shippensburg University for three years as a middle-level education major with a concentration in math and language arts. However, UAF doesn’t have a middle-level program. Since I love math, I decided to be a math major! I’ve been thrown into a bunch of math and science classes, so taking this class will be something different! I’m really excited about not having to use a calculator for any assignments. I’m looking forward to reading material that I’m not used to.

Oh, and that’s my husband and puppy (Izzie) in the above picture! She is full of so much energy that I wish I had!

Looking forward to this semester!

4 thoughts on “Introduction!

  1. jcerickson

    Megan, I know what you mean when you talk about your home town as I have the same troubles with the GPS. Glad to hear you enjoy Fairbanks. Good luck with this class and your semester!

  2. sdpost

    Hi Megan! I’m from the East Coast as well and have been here in Alaska for nine years. Surprisingly, the winters only get harder in my opinion. It’s awesome though that you love it here because there is lots to love about this place. I’m not fond of how long it takes on the plane to get home to see family! Beautiful pup, hope you have a great semester.

  3. sehoyos

    I am so happy that you are loving Alaska! I think Izzie is adorable. A good friend of mine just got her own little husky named Lily. She has her own Instagram account. Apparently there is a whole community of pet profiles filled post cute photos and if you get enough followers you could get sponsored by a company and get free things for your pup!

  4. Jennifer Popa

    I love your family picture! Also I’m with you, I’d take an Alaska winter over a midwest winter any day of the week. I do not miss the slush, brown slop called snow, or scraping perpetual ice off my car. Welcome to class!

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