Hello all! My name is Josh Erickson, I am a sophomore student here at UAF. I hail from Roseau, Minnesota a small town in the northern most part of the state so I am no stranger to cold weather. I enjoy Fairbanks for the most part there are of course faults that we all find in a places we live but I find the good out weighs the bad. I am a student athlete which is one of the reasons I decided to come here.

I am currently studying business. I have a great deal of passion for the outdoors and hope to one day own my fishing guide service/ resort on Lake of the Woods back home! I am not the greatest at math but I am a determined person so I will find a way to get through the tough math classes. I currently help run a hockey training program with my sister where we train young aspiring athletes to be the best they can be. In doing this I have learned first hand ways to go about a business which I believe   will help me   down the road.

I am enrolled in this class because it is a requirement I am not the kind of kid who likes to read a lot. I enjoy reading things that are interesting in this class I hope to expand my reading skills and work on reading   new material and finding new interests. The biggest thing I hope to take out of this class is learning how to write about what I read. Good luck to everyone this semester!

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. sxkristoffersen

    Hello there, nice to meet you and I wish you luck on your buisness degree. I also find it hard to get around to reading much, especially for fun and not for assigned class readings. Did you go to Fairbanks for Hockey?


  2. jajawoods

    Hello Josh, It’s good to see have other student athletes in this class. I’m looking forward to working with you in this class!

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