Hello there peeps


My name is Justin Vey, I am 20years old. I was born and raised in the frozen interior of Fairbanks Alaska. I am a business student focused more on marketing and sales. It’s actually nice to know that Popa is our professor for this online course, as I had the pleasure of having her my previous semester on campus. Had to give her a quick shout out, she is the best!

While I continue towards my bachelor’s degree I currently work for Lithia of Fairbanks selling cars. So by all means if you need one because you’re new to Alaska don’t be shy and stop by. I look forward to class with you all.

-Justin Vey

One thought on “Hello there peeps

  1. Jennifer Popa

    I’ll be sure to put your check in the mail for shamelessly bragging me up. Hah. I kid, I kid. In all seriousness, I’m delighted you’re back in class. We’ve got a lot of reading and quizzes, so hopefully things won’t go the way of Beloved. Womp womp. Looking forward to another semester!

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