My introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Victoria Adams, and I am a sophomore here at UAF.  I have lived in Anchorage most of my life, my family moved to Anchorage from Portland, Oregon when I was 4 for my dads job.  I am the second to youngest of 5 kids.  You could say growing up was always busy and full of excitement.

I decided to go to UAF because it was affordable and they have an excellent swim team.  One of my older sisters is a senior here and swims as well.  Her experience and improvement helped convince me that this place would be a good fit.  I am now extremely thankful and happy that I decided to come here, it has been a wonderful time so far and I have made some wonderful friends.

I am majoring in Business Administration, focusing in Accounting with a Minor in Marketing.  This class is part of my required classes and I enjoy reading so I thought “what the heck”.  Last year I didn’t read anything besides my text books, which is a shame.  My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.  She is such a good author.  Anyway!  I look forward to this class and our discussions.

Looking forward to this semester!


Hiking Little O'Malley in Anchorage

“Hiking Little O’Malley in Anchorage”

4 thoughts on “My introduction

  1. Jennifer Popa

    I do not envy your swim schedule. I’ve had some swimmers before in class, and you girls are stone cold serious if you’re in the pool so early when it’s -40 out! Also, I love Austen. Hear hear for Pride and Prejudice! Welcome to class, Victoria.


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