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My name is John, but I have always gone by Jared. I am looking forward to this class with all of you. This is actually my first online course and I am hoping that it is successful. I am from Fairbanks, but have been serving in the Navy for almost 6 years and I am now working to complete my Associates in Science.

When I joined the Navy in early ’09, I had plenty of credits in the ME program, but there was no AS offered at UAF and I was left with a lot of experience, but no certificate. Now that I have re-applied for UAF, I have found that this is the last class I need to complete an AS and I am SO EXCITED! I was also stoked to find out that the course I would be taking is World Literature because I am an avid reader. I enjoy reading every night before bed. I find it relaxes me and often brings pleasant dreams.

I hope to find great enjoyment in the reading assignments throughout the semester, which bring me propositions of great pondering and thematic collusion between writers of many eras. From the short list that I have viewed thus far, I am grateful that I will be reading some stories or epics that I had wanted or intended to read at one time, but will now be getting credit for doing so. I hope to expand my concept of common themes that bind humanity in morals that have spanned great lengths of time and bring us all to this point, where creativity is only limited by having no desire to seek it.

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About Jared

Born and raised in AK and will once again live there one day. Currently serving in the US Navy and I enjoy the life I live. I am stationed in Sicily and loving the ability to travel during this period. I have a wife and a daughter on the way and couldn't imagine things going much better in life right now.

6 thoughts on “Glad to meet you!

  1. Caitlin

    Hi Jared,
    What do you do in the Navy? My boyfriend is a sonar tech. We just got stationed at Banger in WA.

    1. Jared Post author

      Hey Caitlin,
      I am a Construction Mechanic in the Seabees, but I recently went through a power generation school and am now in a special program called MUSE for Mobile Utility Support Equipment. We basically setup and maintain mobile power generation stations and provide power to carriers/subs when they are cooling their nuclear reactors. I was actually hoping to go to Banger after this station, but the CBMU unit there has been decommissioned :/ Sad day! I hope you like it there!

  2. Jennifer Popa

    Oh that’s the best discovery– just take this one class and we’ll give you the degree! Hurrah! Hope you enjoy the reading, there are some challenging works, but I think if you take your time with a cup of coffee it’s usually pretty manageable. Oh, and avoid cushy chairs, they will be the death of me and my reading/ homework. Welcome to class!

  3. swtrinchet

    Hi Jared, I come from a military family – grandfather in the marines, uncles in the army, parents in the navy – and most of them traveled all over the world. Are you planning on getting stationed anywhere exotic or is Fairbanks your final destination?

    1. Jared

      Actually, I am stationed in Sicily, IT right now and I am from Fairbanks originally. I have been in the military for six years and I have been to Afghan, Guam, and Italy outside the US. I have also been to MI, MO, CA, IL in the US. I am sure family has seen much more of the world than I, but during my stay here I play on going many places throughout Europe, including Romania, which I went to a couple months ago.

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