Hey guys!

Hey there, my name is Cassie. I’m from the glorious Southeast, in a rainy but beautiful place called Haines. My major is Natural Resource Management, and English 200x is required but I’m also looking forward to the things I’ll learn that will benefit my continued education. After all, speaking/writing eloquently and also knowing what you’re talking about is an invaluable and sadly absent skill in the professional world.

I’m in NRM because I love the outdoors; the Alaskan wilderness was my mentor. I lived for 18 years in a dry cabin in the woods, nestled between the Takshanuk mountains and the Chilkat river, and you just can’t get bored out there. And so I want to give something back.

I’m a Junior at UAF and the more time I spend in Alaska, The more I love it and also conversely need to leave. When you spend your entire life in a very unique culture, such as Alaska, it becomes inevitable that you will want to learn more. I’ve become increasingly interested in abroad studies, and have been looking at the study abroad or semester at sea options here at UAF, but before I jump aboard a plane or boat I want to be prepared to not let the knowledge go to waste. That’s why with a course like world literature, although it is a necessity to my major and the education I will undoubtedly use in my career in Alaska, hopefully I can also use it to broaden my personal cultural boundaries. And I hope the same for all of you!
Have a great Semester!

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  1. Jared

    Hey Cas,

    My name is Jared and when I was 11 I played baseball in Fairbanks, but did not make the all-star team that year. Our team went to Haines to play in the state tournament and I missed out on my only opportunity to go there for any random reason. I heard that it had rained quite a bit there, but rain can be so soothing at times. I am currently in Sicily, Italy and serving in the US Navy. I have not seen rain for almost 3 months and it is constantly hot here during the summer. I see that you want to travel and study abroad at one point. I truly hope that you do find an opportunity that suits you. I spent the first 24 years of my life in Fairbanks or surrounding areas. My parents and grandparents were gold miners and I spent my summers approximately 100 miles north of Fairbanks. I hope that you are enjoying the NRM studies. I considered going that path, but am working on completing my BS in Mechanical Engineering. Best of luck to you this semester and I hope that you remedy the shortfall in technically savvy professionals.

  2. bdfleagle


    I enjoyed your enthusiasm about life in Alaska! I have lived in Fairbanks for nearly twenty years and I find that sometimes I miss the life in America. But when I travel there, which lately I have done often, I find I really don’t miss it that much. Alaska is a good place to be. Haines is beautiful, and I envy the life there. Quiet, I imagine, lots of opportunities to enjoy the wilderness. Here in Fairbanks, as the population has grown, we have to work at it more and more all the time. I stayed the night in Haines one time, passing through to the Alcan. I stayed at the old Fort. Since I am a history nut, I found that environment to my liking. See you in class!


  3. nelsoncrockett

    Hi Cas,

    My name is Nelson and I wish you good luck on going to another country. I’ve also spent a majority of my life in Alaska and I’d say that going overseas can be a huge eye opener to the vast variety of different lifestyles that many people lead. So I hope you have a fun time no matter what choice that you make.

  4. Jennifer Popa

    I can definitely recommend going abroad. It’s impossible to go and not have it change you. I never made it to Haines, but I will have to put it on my Alaska Bucket List. Welcome to class!

  5. geborgeson

    I know exactly how you feel about wanting to stay but feeling the urge to leave! The culture here is so unique and the people are great. I’ve been happily taking my time finishing up my degree and enjoying work in Fairbanks cause I cant get enough of this state. But I’ve kicked it into gear this semester and am really trying to get finished because being born and raised here; I feel I just need to get out and experience more places. At least for a while. I’ve considered finishing my degree elsewhere but I’m so close it makes it a tough decision. Good luck with your plans to travel abroad!

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