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My name is Gretchen and I am a sophomore this year. I was born in Germany but I have lived in Alaska my entire life (minus 2 years in Germany). I thought about going away for college but this is my home and I’m not quite ready to leave, maybe one day though. I am taking all but one class online this semester because it works better with my work schedule.

I enrolled in this class because it is a requirement but I am excited to see what kind of readings Popa has found for us. I don’t like picking out books but I do enjoy reading so I like english classes where I get told what to read. I really enjoyed having Popa as an instructor last spring so I’m excited to be in her class again.

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6 thoughts on “Hello To Everyone

  1. Cas

    Hey Gretchen, I agree with you about the cool readings English classes usually have, I was in an English class my freshman year called “Violence in Literature.” We read part of fight club, and crazy racist stories, and war stories. I’m not a violent person but it was very intriguing. I’m sure this class will be equally as stimulating!

  2. Caitlin

    Have you ever made it back to Germany? Its on my next five placed I want to visit. I am in love with Europe and hopefully one day live here!

    1. gpetrie Post author

      Yea, I went back when I was about 5 so I don’t remember too much about it. I’m hoping to get back there within the next couple years to see a friend that lives there. It’s a beautiful place.

  3. sdpost

    Your preference for being told what to read is like the total opposite of how I am. I find that if I am asked to read something, or required to read something, I just buck against it as hard as I can. There’s a little fact about me I guess. This class makes me wicked nervous for that reason! Enjoy the reading and wish me luck in making myself do the reading at all!

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