engl 200 Introduction

Hello everyone my name is Nelson Crockett. I’m taking this class because it is required as part of my major and the online version works out with my schedule this year. I grew up here in Alaska in a native village called Brevig Mission. Then as soon as I finished with high school I joined the army as a combat engineer. I stayed in for 3 and a half years with one tour in Afghanistan.

While I’m taking this class I looking forward being able to take a look at the types of stories that have been passed down over several centuries among several different cultures. I find being able to take a look at this type of literature to be very interesting. Mainly because it shows both some of the ideals of a society and its imperfections.

3 thoughts on “engl 200 Introduction

  1. megkwag

    Hello! It is so neat that you are in the army as a combat engineer. I have made some great friends on this army base that are combat engineers! Good luck with this semester!

  2. Jennifer Popa

    I’m interested in this too, it’s interesting to see which stories survive, and which are left to the wayside. Welcome to class!

  3. swtrinchet

    “the ideals of a society and its imperfections” is such an interesting way of putting that. I’m looking forward to reading your posts because it sounds like you have a different way of looking at the world and I love experiencing that through reading – part of why this course should be fun!

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