My name is Watson. Ashleigh Watson.

“Words, phrases, conjunctions and stuff.”

Hi, I’m Ashleigh (not ASH, not ASHLEY, it’s AshLEIGH), and I have a very corny (read: LAME) sense of humor. I’m a life long Alaskan, nerd, and sports aficionado as long as those sports are softball, Nanook hockey, and college football (Roll tide!). If anybody in the class is an Auburn fan, hello, I don’t like you, good day. I like to two step (that’s the dance between two people to country music, not the hip hop version), fish, read, and crochet because at heart I’m really an old lady. Between september 12-15th I’ll be MIA out off the Denali Highway moose hunting. I’m a strong supporter of the Oxford Comma and I passionately believe Batman would kick Superman’s ass. I’ve played the violin for fourteen years, attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) the guitar for ten, and piano for eight years.

Also, a woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

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8 thoughts on “My name is Watson. Ashleigh Watson.

  1. Jennifer Popa

    When it comes to the lame jokes you can always count on me to go for the low hanging fruit. Also, I’m an aspiring old lady who likes to crochet, so rock on with your crafty self. If you feel like you want to sass up your old lady habits you can always google “subversive cross stitch,” wherein people take crass phrases or rap lyrics and combine them with delicate needlework. Welcome to the class!

    1. jtodd

      Hi Ashleigh. You would be a welcome addition to my boy’s play time. It would be nice to have some one else decide which superhero get to win. I have actually caught myself debating with my 3 and 4 year olds about which super hero has the better super power. Anyone who has tried to debate with kids that age knows you can’t win any points with logic and reasoning.

  2. hkreutter

    You are super hilarious! You definitely know how to get the reader hooked. Batman is definitely my favorite, glad we’re on the same page about that. That’s cool that you’re going moose hunting, that’s what I also plan on doing. I’m going this weekend and hopefully the week of the 20th. It’ll be my first couple moose hunts, I hope I get one.

  3. Mary Filbin

    I love it! I am also a huge huntress and can not wait to go Alaskan hunting. I want a Mountain Goat, Sheep maybe one of each type for the experience, plus for the freezer a few boo and/or a moose. Not to into the bear idea but my hubby keeps threatening me with a bear a hunt. Not being a resident this year I am sitting it out, except for an Elk hunt in WY sometime in October (drew a tag before we finalized the move to AK). I have an old soul, and love to dance but the hubby does not (blows raspberry in his direction) =) You sound wonderful! It is a pleasure meeting you!

    1. awatso21 Post author

      Mary – Just beware that one caribou will fill up a freezer – no need for a few unless you’re feeding a small army!! A moose will definitely stock it up for a while as well. I’d go for one or the other, not both (:

      Also bear meat isn’t very enjoyable, but having a bear rug is truly a part of having that Alaskan comfort in your home! Good luck on your elk hunt!

      1. Mary Filbin

        Ashleigh- My freezer is empty! I usually have 3-7 deer (depends on size) in it and a little bit of fish (not my favorite). I have a big freezer and small family but I rarely buy meat, some pork and a chicken now and again. Mostly it is game, eat what you kill attitude =)

        I hear berry bears are better than fishy bears but still holding judgement on that till the hubby brings one home…I will cook it even if I won’t eat it!

        I like moose, never had caribou but willing to try it. I think Elk is all we are getting this year – fingers crossed. Good luck on your hunt as well!!

        1. Jennifer Popa

          I love it. U of A is the only place where these conversations happen alongside academic life. Truly, the first week I was in Alaska a girl in my program told me to stop by her cabin whenever, especially if I needed help process meat. I was like, you mean chicken nuggets?

  4. Jared

    I totally wanted to buy a croquet set last week, but I found that it is not a common sport in Sicily… It was a sad day because I had planned on mowing the lawn in different grades to really through a wrench in the gears. I love hockey and played most of my life, but I have found that ice is also a rare thing here… Did you ever play with the Ice Breakers or are you more of a fan of watching hockey? Considering I have been told by many people throughout my life that I look like Clark Kent, when I am wearing my glasses, I resent your statement. My brother Beau would agree with you, but his opinion doesn’t matter here anyways. How did trying to transition your violin skills to guitar go? I have played guitar for about 14 years and have been considering picking in the violin, but may go to a viola or cello because I like the octave ranges better.

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