I am Filbin. Mary Filbin.

Good day! My name, as you might have guessed, is Mary Filbin.   I am a domestic Goddess/Artist.   In other terms, a stay at home mom who is a Creative.   I am brutally honest, whimsical, and have a very twisted/abrupt sense of humor.

I grew up in northern Nevada, a fourth generation rancher, and avid equestrian.   I started riding before I could walk, and started competing at age 6 in local horse shows.   I have participated at the National High School Rodeo Finals, World Quarter Horse Show, and National Reining Competition.   I ride both English and Western, though currently do not have a horse unless you count my old Cutting mare who is retired at the family ranch in Nevada.   Working cattle and reading a cow are some of more impressive abilities.   I have lived in Nevada (of course), Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, and now Alaska.   Currently I am working toward finishing up an Associates of Arts Degree I started many years ago.   From there onward toward a Bachelors Degree (undecided major at this junction), lets not get ahead of ourselves, one degree at a time…baby steps.   I moved to Alaska this past May and am not sure I am ready for an Alaskan winter, but I love the state so far.

I am a huntress/fisherman, and in general an outdoors type of girl.   I am married with one kiddo, a boy age 14, so the domestic Goddess duties are changing as the little penguin finds his way in the new world of high school.   I shutter to think of what I have released into the world.

As per the wood chuck I think his hide would be a nice addition to my collection of taxidermy critters and furs, but until we meet he can chuck as much wood as he would like.   Have a blessed day!!

familyMe and my boys!

5 thoughts on “I am Filbin. Mary Filbin.

  1. awatso21

    Alaskan winters aren’t as bad to get through as everybody makes it seem. Yes it’s dark and cold but you learn to just live through it and stay indoors as much as possible! Or maybe I just see it that way because I’ve never spent a winter anywhere else (:

    I also enjoy winters where I’m able to get out to somewhere HOT for a week or two! I’m thinking California to visit my family this year.

  2. Mary Filbin Post author

    I will get a break and a few weeks in Texas in December. That should brighten the winter here up. I think the darkness will get me more than the temps. I am a sunshine girl!

  3. kjs93

    Wow! It sounds like you’ve led an exciting and busy life! I’m sure moving to Alaska is a huge transition. I hope you will grow to love it, its a great state with a lot of loving people.

  4. amymgauger

    You’re going to be freezing once you get back from Texas, lol. But as long as you invest in the good winter gear, you should be good (although it’s still freakin cold). Good luck with your litte penguin and high school! My oldest is about to transition to middle school – still mind blown that my kid is old enough to be in middle school! Oh, and good luck for your TX hunt!

  5. Jennifer Popa

    I definitely wish to second the recommendation for good gear. You’re not doing it right if you don’t look like a hobo. Also, I cannot recommend the happy light enough. In the English department we all used to steal one TAs lamp and bask in the glow. It really does combat the lack of energy and general sleepiness in December. Also, Alaska’s winters, while so cold they make you want to weep openly in spite of the fact that your face would freeze instantly, are so so gorgeous. Truly, the light is perpetually golden and on the horizon. I miss it already.

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