Hi Everybody, I’m Michaela!

Hello, My name is Michaela Wenzlick and I am a sophomore at UAF shooting for a Bachelor’s degree in Business  Administration.  I was born in Alaska and I love it here. I have a big family who owns a construction business which has helped to inspire me to go for a Business degree. I enjoy long bike rides, rollerblading, hiking, road trips around Alaska, fishing trips to Chitna, and going to my family’s cabin on the Salcha river.

This is my first online class! I choose to take it online because it fits  around my work schedule and other classes as well. Plus I had Popa for English 211, a few semesters ago and her class was great!

I look forward to learning about  Literature from around the World. The last I learned about it was in high school and it was a brief over view; from what I can remember. I am pretty excited and hope to get a better grasp about world literature. Thanks!

This is me!


He pee's on everything. Which drives me crazy, but he's still my favorite!

This is Lannon! He pee’s on everything. Which drives me crazy, but he’s still my favorite!


4 thoughts on “Hi everybody, I’m Michaela!

  1. sharissewatkins

    I know what you mean about your dog pee’ing all over the place! Our pup sheds non-stop and boy, I tell you what this German Shepherd likes to roll in dirt too. Alaska was beautiful though when it wasn’t so cold and could you imagine my surprise when I found out there was not drive through coffee stands everywhere? I am usually pretty good at English but never have taken World Literature so I am interested in what this brings, it is nice to do I’m working with a grade A teacher though!

  2. vradams

    What a cute dog! Ha!, The first time I met my boyfriends dog he got so excited he pee’d all over his shoes. :/ I also have a dog, she is part Blue Healer and part Husky.

  3. Jennifer Popa

    Hahaha I’ve clearly lulled you into a false sense of security Michaela. It was all smoke and mirrors, this is the semester you’ll learn I’m an insufferable jerk! All kidding aside, I’m delighted to have former students join class, because I’m so very sentimental and miss my students when the semester ends. Also Lannon has such a sweet mug. I love him!

  4. hdbomar92

    Good to have you in the class. Ill say this, online classes can be rough, its nice to see people and discuss things face to face. I think you’ll do fine though, all I can say is just make sure to read through everything. For some reason I always miss things in the directions when it comes to online classes, so be attentive to detail.


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