English 200 Intro-Haley

Hey everyone! My name is Haley and this is my 3rd English class that I am taking. I am currently a sophomore at UAF and so far have been doing most of my degrees online. I have only taken one class in person. I am working on completing my Accounting and Business Administration majors hopefully within the next 3-3.5 years including this year. I moved up to Alaska last January and have been loving it ever since I first visited last May of 2013. It is such a beautiful state.

Good luck to everyone in this class!! Have a great semester!!

11 thoughts on “English 200 Intro-Haley

  1. jtodd

    Welcome to wonderful Alaska. I too have taken most of my classes on line. I am so grateful that this option is available to me as I don’t think I could find time to attend classes unless they would work around my work and my boys sports schedules.

  2. awatso21

    I started my college career taking only in person classes, and then took a bit of a break from school. Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things, I’m taking mostly online classes until the only classes left aren’t offered online any more! I’m glad you like Alaska!

    1. kjs93

      Goodness! I can’t imagine taking so many classes online! Way to go, it shows that you have a lot of motivation!

      1. Jennifer Popa

        True, online learning takes a very self-motivated student. Also a student who can’t get sucked into hours of netflix….not that that happens to me.

  3. Michaela

    Welcome to Alaska, Haley! Its really good to know that you guys have been successful in your online classes. This is my first online class and I was a bit nervous on how it was going to be setup and such. But it seems as if it will work out pretty good. Alaska is really a great place to be, you just have to dress for the weather conditions 🙂 I’m glad to here you like it as well!

    1. hkreutter Post author

      Oh yeah, online classes are no big deal. Once you figure out the format it’s really easy because it gives you such leeway for turning things in and completing things early (which I love doing). Yeah, when I moved up here from Wisconsin it was -30 there haha. So I was able to condition myself pretty easily. I definitely do and don’t plan on moving anytime soon.

  4. Michaela

    That’s good news for sure!
    Oh jeez! I did not know it got that chilly there. Your set to go than! haha

  5. hkreutter Post author

    Yes! So you know for a fact that there is no need to fret! Haha. And if you don’t understand something 100% ask the instructor, always better safe than sorry. Yeah, I think that was the first time I ever remember it getting that cold. I hope I’m set to go haha.

  6. Cas

    It”s always good to hear someone from out of state praise Alaska, a lot of people can’t handle it =) I grew up in Southeast Alaska but the winters up here are really something else, it’s a beautiful and diverse state!

  7. megkwag

    Welcome! I wish I could have taken more classes online! I am so grateful that UAF offers so many online. At my previous university, there were rarely online classes. Good luck with the semester!

  8. veyjustin

    Hello, that’s awesome that you’re going towards accounting! Accounting is a very useful degree and is highly demanded. You’ll do great! Good luck

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