Greetings and Salutations dear young scholars! Most likely, you’re here because you’ve enrolled in English 200x with Jennifer Popa.   Welcome to the course!

This course is an introduction to reading and appreciating a wide variety of literary texts from different cultures.  It will include exposure to a variety of genres including myth, poetry, storytelling, and drama.  Students will gain an understanding of cultural differences and universals in texts from global sources.


There are 3 things you should do in order to get started:

Step 1:

Read the syllabus and course schedule in their entirety. This is EXTREMELY important. You are responsible for all of this information.   I will not excuse any late or missing assignments simply because you “didn’t understand’ what was required of you. Make sure you understand the details regarding grades of “Incomplete’ as well as what is needed to pass this course. Once you feel you understand how this class operates, you can begin your first assignment.

So… What About that First Assignment?

Step 2:

Your first assignment is to post a short “hello’ and introduce yourself to your classmates. This is a way to get to know your peers a little bit as we begin the course. What’s unique about our course is that you all function as authors of discussion content. So when you write a response you will create a post and share it with the class, which will show up under “Discussion.’ To get started, first check your student email via uaf wherein I’ve invited you to be a contributor (the email you have on file with uaonline), then accept my invitation. If for any reason you’ve not received this email, contact me immediately. Then, learn how to post over here. This introductory post is due Sunday, September 7, 2014 no later than 11:59pm Alaska Standard Time.    Write your first introductory post consisting of two to three paragraphs, and post it to the category ‘Introductions.’ Your job is not only to introduce yourself, but to tell us why you’re enrolled in the course, and what you hope to learn. In addition, please comment on two of your classmates’ introductions.

If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to email. Also, if you don’t post we’ll be forced to send a team of search and rescue bloodhounds and community do-gooders, whilst holding round the clock prayer chains so that you might join class discussion. What I mean to say is, if I’ve not heard a peep from you by Sunday night, the delightful folk at eCampus will track you down to remind you that the semester has begun.

Step 3:

Send me an email from your UA Gmail account (it should be something like “xlastname@alaska.edu’). The subject line should say “English 200 Student Introduction.’ In the body of the email please identify yourself by your full name. Here you can inquire about any questions you have regarding the syllabus or the class as a whole. If you feel confident in your understanding of what’s expected of you a simple hello is fine. You can email me at jlpopa@alaska.edu.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you may now move onto our first lesson of the week.

P.S. Just a quick note– the bookstore isn’t carrying our text this semester. Rather than carrying the set they have some volumes available, but not enough for everyone. I have selected this edition because it’s significantly cheaper than the most recent addition. Please order your books online and allow time for shipping.